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The 3131 series is the newest heavy-duty PTO from Bezares, designed and developed for the most grueling applications on the market today. This PTO has maximum torque ratings of 500 ft./lbs. and 97 HP @ 1000 RPM. The 3131 features a single pressure hose, with internal lubrication to decrease install time. A wide range of gear ratios and output options are available, including a rear pump option (model 3131RP).

  • Robust housing stands up to high torque applications.
  • Unique PTO housing profile features a rotatable solenoid cover to improve clearance in tight applications.
  • Internally lubricated for ease of installation, improved bearing life and cooler operation.
  • All hoses, hardware, and wiring are included.
  • 3131RP is designed for a rear pump output.
  • Clutch pack material is designed to provide smooth engagement and long life.

Competitive with:
Muncie CS41 and Chelsea 870
Muncie CS10 “Better profile” and Chelsea 859

Torque ratings: up to 500 lb. ft.

Typical Applications:  Large Bodies Pump Applications. (Not Market Specific)

3131 PTO Data Sheet | 3131, 3151, 3252 PTOs Manual | 3131 PTO Part List

Engine to PTO ratio
Torque (Lb. FT)Power (HP)Torque (Lb. FT)Power (HP)
At 500 r.p.m.At. 1000 r.p.m.At 500 r.p.m.At. 1000 r.p.m
78% (G)42040803403365
84% (J)40038763203060
97% (M)38036723002856
119% (O)35033662802652

Additional information

Mounting position

Right, Left

Weight (Lb)


Note A

Backlash check plug

Note B


Note C

Solenoid 12V DC (24V DC Optional)

Note D

Pressure switch

Note E

Shifting hose


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