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Parker’s F1 series Motors offer us reduced weight, easy installation and a special design that permits itself reach pressure peaks up to 300 bars under maximum working conditions of 3000 r.p.m. F1 motors are the cheapest option if it is consider its efficiency.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

F1-25M, F1-41M, F1-51M, F1-61M, F1-81M, F1-101M, F1-121M

Pump Size

, , , , , ,

Displacement (cm3/rev)

25.6 (F1-25M), 40.9 (F1-41M), 51.1 (F1-51M), 59.5 (F1-61M), 81.6 (F1-81M), 102.9 (F1-101M),118.5 (F1-121M)

Speed (r.p.m) max. cont.

3000 (F1-25M), 2700 (F1-41M), 1800 (F1-51M), 1700 (F1-61M), 1500 (F1-81M), 1400 (F1-101M),1300 (F1-121M)

Speed (r.p.m) max. int.

3000 (F1-25M), 2700 (F1-41M), 2400 (F1-51M), 2200 (F1-61M), 2000 (F1-81M), 1800 (F1-101M),1700 (F1-121M)

Working pressure (P1) (bar)


Maximum peak pressure (P3) (bar)

Dimensions (mm) A

206 (F1-25M, F1-41M, F1-51M, F1-61M), 259 (F1-81M, F1-101M, F1-121M)

Dimensions (mm) B

98 (F1-25M, F1-41M, F1-51M, F1-61M), 113 (F1-81M, F1-101M, F1-121M)

Dimensions (mm) C

167 (F1-25M, F1-41M, F1-51M, F1-61M), 220 (F1-81M, F1-101M, F1-121M)

Dimensions (mm) D

3/4" (F1-25M, F1-41M, F1-51M, F1-61M), 1" (F1-81M, F1-101M, F1-121M)

Dimensions (mm) E

117 (F1-25M, F1-41M, F1-51M, F1-61M), 123 (F1-81M, F1-101M, F1-121M)

Dimensions (mm) F

192 (F1-25M, F1-41M, F1-51M, F1-61M), 207 (F1-81M, F1-101M, F1-121M)