Gear pump with reversible sense of rotation and
internal drainage. Built in aluminium body,
lighter than casting pumps, permits to work at
high pressures with a low level of noise. With SAE
“A” bolt.

Pump Type ( galons per minute @ 1000 r.p.m.)BEA SF 4.2BEA SF 5.0BEA SF 6.1BEA SF 7.1BEA SF 8.2BEA SF 8.7
Displacement (cu in/rev)0.9761.1591.4031.6471.8912.013
Maximum continuos pressure (P1) (PSI)360033503200270024002250
Maximum. peak pressure (P3) (PSI)420039003600320029002700
Speed (r.p.m)min. (P1)500500500500500500
máx. (P1)1800150012001100900850
Dimensions (lm)A4.514.694.955.205.445.56
Weight (Lb)
Input PressureRecommended10÷ 43.5 PSI
TemperaturesFrom -25ºC to 80ºC Desde -25ºC a +80ºC
Oil RecommendedMineral oil based hydraulic fluids to ISO / DIN and fire resistant fluids.
ViscosityRecommended173/187 SSU 100ºF
Allowed45 SSU 100ºf