1. ORDERS: Orders accepted by our Sales Department presuppose acceptance of our General Conditions of Sale.
  2. PRICES: The prices in our price list must be considered as retail prices. Any granting of discount will be that which is agreed with our Sales Department with the prior acceptance of the Bezares S.A. General Management.All prices are considered for the goods located in our Casarrubios del Monte warehouses. The carriage costs will be charged to the recipient, Bezares S.A. will not be liable for the treatment the goods receive during the transport.The despatches will be sent by the transport companies as instructed by our customers.
  3. TAXES: The taxes in force are not included in our price list. Any change to the current taxes or the imposing of new ones would be considered as for payment in addition to the established price list.
  4. DELIVERY TIMES: Delivery times will depend on demand, the delivery of raw materials by our suppliers or other problems caused as a result of force majeure.
  5. DISPUTES: The Madrid Courts and Tribunals will have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction for any Legal-Administrative disputes, said city being accepted as the location for any matters of compliance that may arise and the buyer revoking the right to any other jurisdiction which may apply.
  6. PAYMENT TERMS: These will be those agreed with our Accounts Department.
  7. GUARANTEES: All of our products are guaranteed against all manufacturing faults. The guarantee for use will be understood as for one year commencing from the date of the despatch of the goods, with the reservation that the guarantee will depend on the treatment that the goods had received and will only be valid with a necessary report from our Technical Service Department.The manufacturer will not be liable to pay any compensation for loss of profits or losses brought about by product defects beyond that stated in this same point in regard to the guarantee.
  8. RETURN OF GOODS: Please check the Returns Policy tab.
  9. LIABILITY: Bezares, S.A. will not be held liable under any circumstances for their use or the defective assembly of its products, for breakdowns caused by external agents, excessive loads, inadequate lubrication, defects that may appear in the fitting of gear boxes to used vehicles, or for any other cause or accident outside of its control.
  10. SPECIAL MANUFACTURING ORDERS: All of the prices in our price list are for Standard manufacturing; for any special manufacturing order the offer will be adapted to the particular circumstances.
  11. PLANS AND DESCRIPTIONS: Bezares, S.A. retains ownership of all of the plans, models and technical documents supplied to its customers. They cannot be used, copied, reproduced, etc. without the prior express written authorisation of BEZARES, S.A. Bezares, S.A. reserves the right to take such legal action as is appropriate.
  12. INSURANCES: Bezares, S.A. will arrange insurance to cover damages and losses only if it is expressly requested by the purchaser. The cost of said insurance will be charged separately to the customer.
  1. The material sent for repair or review will only be inspected if it has been previously authorized by the After-Sales department and is accompanied by the corresponding authorization.
  2. Repairs or reviews of products outside the warranty period, or in cases where the warranty is denied but the repair is confirmed by the customer, will have a one-year warranty on the repair or replaced components.
  3. Reviews of material outside the warranty period, with a potential repair, and whose repair estimate is not accepted, will be charged a minimum of 30 euros for the review. The material can be sent back to the customer, or scrapped with the customer’s prior authorization.
  4. In cases where material under warranty is reviewed and it is determined that the warranty does not apply, no charge will be applied for the product review. In these cases, a report will be issued to the customer with the evidence.
  5. Bezares reserves the right not to repair obsolete material (more than 60 months from the date of sale). These products may be sent back to the customer or scrapped with their prior consent. No handling fee will be applied.
  6. Repair estimates will be valid for 15 days during which the customer has the right to accept or reject the offer. If no response is received within this period, the estimate will be considered rejected and the product will be sent to the customer without prior notice with a charge of 60 euros to cover review and estimate management costs.
  7. Technical reports of failures occurring outside the warranty period, previously requested by the customer, will have a cost of 120 euros.
  1. The full value of the sale will be refunded for product returns made within a maximum of 30 days from the date of the sales delivery note, provided the material is in perfect condition and is accompanied by the corresponding authorization.
  2. For returns of materials made after thirty days from the date of the sales delivery note and up to a maximum of one year, if the material is in perfect condition and is accompanied by the corresponding authorization from the After-Sales department, a penalty of 25% of the sale value will be applied, with a minimum charge of €30.
  3. The return of individual components will not be accepted unless expressly authorized by the After-sales department.

These conditions will be applicable to standard category products that have not been specifically manufactured for an order or that are not cataloged as obsolete.

Bezares reserves the right not to accept any return that does not meet these conditions.

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