Discover Bezares’ wide range of power packs designed for various flow rates and applications. Our power packs are compatible with all commercial vehicles and trucks and can be used with a variety of hydraulic systems. We offer hydraulic power packs with ventilated motors of 3kW or 4kW and hydraulic pumps from 4.4 up to 11cc for high flows and pressure applications.

Our mini hydraulic power packs come with alternating current, hydraulic pumps from 0.8 up to 7.2cc, and oil tanks made of polyurethane or steel from 1.5 up to 20l. For smaller applications, our micro hydraulic power packs are equipped with direct current and hydraulic pumps from 0.25 up to 0.75cc, along with oil tanks ranging from 0.5l up to 2l.

Bezares’ power packs provide maximum performance, durability, and efficiency. Browse our product selection today and find the perfect solution for your hydraulic system needs.