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Power Take-off two gears, constant mesh, to connect Iso 4 bolts pumps. Vacuum , mechanical and pneumatic shifting, mounting on left side of the Gearbox.

Kit vacuum, Single acting 12V. 9027899
Note APassing contact switch 100070001
Note BRotation
Note CConnector with 3m. of cable P/N 906599
Note DEngage PTO, thread 1/8” BSP
Note EPassing contact switch. P/N 100070012
Note FEngage PTO, thread 1/4” BSP
Note GPassing contact switch. P/N 100070003


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Continuous Torque (Nm)

Intermittent Torque (Nm)

Power (1000 r.p.m.)

Mounting Position

Pump rotation

Weight (Kg)

Engine to PTO ratio