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Special gear up box for simultaneously running three hydraulic pumps.

Technical Datasheet

Additional information

Maximum input torque

Maximum torque on output 1 individually (Nm) Cont


Maximum torque on output 2 individually (Nm) Cont


Maximum torque on output 3 individually (Nm) Cont


Maximum input power (1000 r.p.m.)

85 C.V. // 63 Kw

Net weight (kg)

Pumps 1 & 3 rotation

Equal to input

Pump 2 rotation

Opposite to input

Max. torque on two output jointly (Nm) Cont

Equal or lower to input torque

Input - Output 1 ratio

1: 1

Input - Output 2&3 ratio

1: 1.2

Note A

Oil charging, drain, and level plugs

Note B

Fitting holes.

Note C

Oil vent

Note D

Flange drive

Oil type:

SAE 80W 90