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Adapter kit with disc clutch that allow the pump’s connection with the vehicle in motion. Available with pump and plate output. This adapter kit can operate ISO 4 bolts pumps when the vehicle is running.

Clutch Adapter
Air Pressure (Kg/cm2)567
Intermittent torque (Nm)200300400
Power @ 1000 r.p.m.28 C.V.42 C.V.56 C.V.

Additional information

Weight (Kg)


Maximum speed under pressure

2000 r.p.m.


pump´s output (DIN 5462), flange´s output (DIN 5462), flange’s input and output

Type of oil (Viscosity):

Hydraulic Oil. 80W-90

Oil quantity:

0.25 L

Note A

Air connection, thread M12x1.5

Note B

Expansion kit

Note C

Oil level plug

Note D

Oil drain pipe

Note E

Drive flange. DIN 100/SAE 1310