The F11 units are pumps-motors with angle shaft fixed flow for heavy duty applications.
These units can be applied as well in applications of open circuit as in applications of close circuits.
These units are meeting with Norms ISO and SAE. There is available a release type cartridge with a shorter installation length.

Additional information


F11-05, F11-10, F11-19

Displacement (cm3/rev)

4.88 (F11-05), 9.84 (F11-10), 19.0 (F11-19)

Maximum Speed (r.p.m.) continuous

12800 (F11-05), 10200 (F11-10), 8100 (F11-19)

Maximum Speed (r.p.m.) intermitent (*)

14000 (F11-05), 11200 (F11-10), 8900 (F11-19)

Torque (Nm) (100 bar)

7.8 (F11-05), 15.6 (F11-10), 30.2 (F11-19)

Working pressure (P1) (bar)