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Two stage planetary geartrain winch. Birotational and overcenter valve for efficient load control. Disc brake holds 100% load. Combined with a complimentary accessory: galvanized cable with hook.

Optional accessory: Galvanized cable with hook

Additional information

Drum Size


Maximum Pull on 1st Layer

4600Kg, 6800Kg

Clutch Type

Manual, Pneumatic

Overcenter Position

Upper, Rear

Maximum working pressure


Max. Pump Delivery

continuous: 50 l/min, Intermittent: 60 l/min

Max. Recovery Speed (outer - 1st layer)

25(4)-17, 21(4)-13, 16(3)-10

Rope diameter (max. / min.)

12/10mm, 14/10mm, 12mm, 14/12mm, 14mm

Rope Capacity on outer layer

25m (Ø12) / 35m (Ø10), 30m (Ø12) / 45m (Ø10), 25m (Ø12), 30m (Ø12), 20m (Ø14), 25m (Ø14)

Weight (Kg)