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Oil Tank with anchorage brackets. Finished in high quality linear polyethylene and 100% recyclable.

Additional information


115 L.

Weight net

16,3 Kg

Weight with brackets

17,8 Kg



Accesory: Bracket

P/N: 9028010

Accesory: Strap

P/N: 9037610

Accesory: Rubber protector

P/N: 9028310

Accesory: Strap protector

P/N: 9037910

Accesory: Fixing kit

P/N: 9037710

Optional: Cover

P/N: 9036910

Optional: Oil vent plug and oil level

P/N: 9037810

Note 1

oil charging plug with level (optional).

Note 2

Suction pipes BSP 1-1/2”.

Note 3

Threaded connection BSP 1”

Note 4

Return filter (optional)