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Bezares Universal PTO, designed for seamless compatibility with ZF, Mercedes, and Volvo gearboxes.

This versatile solution offers three distinct PTO options: a direct PTO, an double gear PTO, and a robust reinforced double gear PTO, ensuring flexibility to meet diverse operational needs.

Simplify your inventory management with a universal design that only requires the addition of the specific flange and shaft for each gearbox type, making it significantly easier to stock and maintain.

Transform how you approach mechanical power transmission with Bezares Universal PTO—where efficiency meets reliability.

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The Bezares Universal PTO (Power Take-Off) represents a significant advancement in the field of mechanical power transmission for commercial vehicles.

This innovative system is designed to universally fit a broad range of gearboxes including ZF, Mercedes, and Volvo, through the simple addition of the respective flange and shaft.

Customers can choose from three distinct types: a direct PTO, a double gear PTO, and a reinforced double gear PTO, to best meet their needs.

The genius of the Bezares Universal PTO lies in its ability to drastically simplify inventory management and logistics. Traditionally, businesses would need to stock multiple PTO units, each specifically tailored for different gearbox models. The Bezares Universal PTO eliminates this complexity, allowing for a streamlined stocking process and significantly reducing the risk of inventory obsolescence.

Its compatibility with a wide range of gearbox types without the need for different PTOs for each gearbox underscores its versatility and efficiency. Whether for trucks, construction machinery, or agricultural equipment, the Bezares Universal PTO offers a flexible, reliable, and cost-effective solution for power transmission.

With its ease of installation and maintenance, alongside the quality assurance of Bezares, this PTO system is set to revolutionize the industry, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency for businesses and operators alike.