New Scania G3CM gearbox adapter

New Scania G3CM gearbox adapter

The G33M adapter can be combined with any BZ PTO S6-90 model onto this gearbox, offering a great variety of power, ratios and profiles for the different applications in the market.

This new adapter has an additional 5th bolt to mount our heavy-duty rotated PTO and allow a better adjustment when installing heavier pumps.

Scania’s new G33CM gearbox is not based on any previous model. It alone saves 1% fuel thanks to its smaller dimensions and its cast aluminum construction. Despite this, it offers performance of up to 3,300 Nm of torque and about 500 hp of power.

Compatible PTOs:

1015K03Vb Base PTO Kit 1:1. Standard housing
1010K03-1Vb Base PTO Kit 1:1.32. lowered housing.
1022K03-1PTO Base Vb 1:1.04 High Performance. lowered housing
1021903PTO ZF S6-90 Vb 1:1.26 High Performance
102K203-1Base PTO Vb 1:1.3 Turned, H. Duty, lowered housing.
102K103-1Base PTO Vb 1:1.5 Turned, H. Duty, lowered housing.
102K003-1Base PTO Vb 1:1.8 Turned, H. Duty, lowered housing.

You can ask for more information about this product contacting our commercial department with the part number 096004.

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