Bezares is protecting workers’ safety during the coronavirus pandemic.

Bezares is protecting workers’ safety during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • 17 April, 2020
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For Bezares it is important to keep providing our services during this exceptional time, although not as important as the safety of our workers and partners.

That’s why Bezares is taking all the measures available to ensure that employees are working with the safest working practices available, by making changes to their usual ways of working, developing appropriate risk assessments and communicating clearly those measures.

Keeping our business running must be balanced with our workers’ safety, so we are providing them with all the necessary instructions on what it should be done in order to ensure safe working environment and we are offering them all the necessary protective gear.

The KEY aspects of work safety adopted by Bezares are:

  • Time flexibility for helping with keeping work and family balance by changing the shifts if requested.
  • Opening of 13 new changing rooms to reduce direct contact among workers.
  • Facilitate Home Office for those who can do it.
  • Body temperature control in the access to the facilities for workers and external personnel
  • Obligation to wear a mask and gloves to all staff within the facilities.
  • Protective glasses have been provided to the entire workforce.
  • Hydrogels by sections for personal hygiene of the entire staff.
  • Disinfection of the factory by a specialized company.
  • More cleaning service on the facilities.
  • Changes in departure times with a 10-minute cadence to minimize contact among staff in the changing rooms.
  • Time change of the breakfast break with a 10-minute cadence to minimize the contact of the staff in the dining room.
  • It has been indicated that there shall be only one person per table in the dining room.
  • Staff movements between the different sections have been reduced.
  • Business visits have been canceled.

The first measures started to be implemented on March 9th and new security measures were added progressively in accordance with the guidelines by the Ministry of Health and the WHO. Bezares is constantly working in adopting new measures and practices as needed.

Our workforce has made us what we are today, and it is the most important asset of Bezares. We are 100% committed to ensure the safety and health of our workers and partners.

We will overcome this crisis together!

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