Bezares’ Joint Venture for Asian Market

Bezares’ Joint Venture for Asian Market


Bezares SA is pleased to announce the signature of a joint venture with Zhejiang Power Transmission Co., Ltd. establishing a new company named Bezares Power Co. Ltd.

The new company was set up after a year of discussions between Bezares SA and Zhejiang Power Transmission Co.,Ltd.  who have recognized the major synergies that both companies offer to each other in the field of PTOs, winches, pumps and shaft adapters.

Zhejiang Power Transmission Co., Ltd. is a leading hydraulic parts manufacturer based in Yaozhuang– Zhejiang Province – with a facilities of 10.000m2 and with a workforce of 135 people and an anual production of 40.000 PTOs.

Bezares Power Co. Ltd. is managed by the current Bezares’ headquarters based in Casarrubios del Monte, Toledo, Spain.

The establishment of the new company Bezares Power Transmission Co.,Ltd. offers clear advantages for both. The western Bezares’ clients will benefit from new PTO models, which are less common in the European market and with a short lead times, keeping the same BZ quality. Besides the Bezares’ and Power’s Asian customers will benefit from the offer increase and the local logistics thanks to the new facilities and thanks to a quality control of European standards. This will represent a new era for Bezares brand in the Asian market.

The Zhejiang production plant already has the Bezares’ line in production, increasing our offer in 40.000 PTOs a year and with the potential to easily increase up to 50.000 units/year, and has a enviable customer portfolio, turning our well-established European brand into a great power in the Asian market.

Zhejiang Power Transmission Co.,Ltd. will be able to draw on the skill, resources and years of developments and refining of a complete range of specialized hydraulic engineering including PTOs, winches, pumps and shaft adapters with the potential to easily increase its production pool extending to the entire Bezares’ lineup.

Bezares SA is looking forward to offer its new clients the complete range of hydraulic equipment and accessories via the new joint venture company and is also looking forward to developing new relationships with the extended client base.

For further information with regards to Bezares Power project, please contact with our marketing department at

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