New AD812 adapters for DT12 Transmissions

New AD812 adapters for DT12 Transmissions

Bezares has just launched its new line of adapter kits AD812. These kits allow to mount a 2000, 4100 and 8500 Series PTO onto the lower side opening of the gearboxes: DT12-DD, DT12-OC, DT12-OHE, DT12-OV, DT12-OD and DT12-OVX .

This new solution offers greater flexibility to our customers, allowing them to adapt their PTO systems to a wide variety of gearboxes. Additionally, these adapter kits are designed to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring long-lasting durability and optimal performance.

In addition, Bezares also offers its 120 Series PTOs that fit both the boxes mentioned above and for these others: DT12-DA, DT12-DH, DT12-DB, DT12-DHL, DT12-OA, DT12-OH, DT12- OB and DT12-OHL. With this wide variety of products, Bezares is positioned as a leading company in the PTO sector, providing solutions to meet the requirements of any application.

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