Gear pump with reversible Rotation direction and internal drainage. Built in aluminium body, lighter than casting pumps, allows it to work at high pressures with a low level of noise.

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The BEA(U) 11-17cc Gear Pump from Bezares is a lightweight and silent unit to enhance your hydraulic system. Both its aluminum casing and compact design, with lateral and rear ports, make installation easy, even in tight spaces. These advantages make it ideal for small applications. Contact us today for more information on how the BEA pump can optimize the performance of your hydraulic system.

Technical Datasheet

Additional information

Pump Type


Pump Size


Displacement (cm3/rev)

10.6 (BEA 11), 16 (BEA 17)

Maximum continuos pressure (P1) (bar)


Maximum peak pressure (P3) (bar)


Speed (r.p.m) máx. (P1)

Speed (r.p.m.) min. (P1)



From -25ºC to +80ºC

Viscosity allowed

Max. 750 mm2/s (cST)