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The Bezares FR2 reinforced double flow piston pump, also known as the Twin Flow piston pump, is a powerful hydraulic pump designed to provide high-speed and accurate operation for applications that require two different flows within the same circuit. Its exceptional performance makes it a must-have for demanding hydraulic systems.

FR2 Technical datasheet

With a unique dual-flow design, the FR2 Twin Flow piston pump enables the independent operation of two simultaneous hydraulic systems, delivering high efficiency and outstanding hydraulic performance. Built using high-quality materials and advanced engineering techniques, this double flow piston pump ensures durability and reliability even in extreme conditions.


Two independent flows in a single pump: The FR2 Double Flow Piston Pump Twin Flow Heavy Duty allows for the independent operation of two pressure lines, making it a versatile solution for various applications.
Continuous work cycles: Designed with a robust structure, minimal rotating parts, and top-quality materials, the FR2 Twin Flow pump is engineered for long-lasting performance.
Compact and lightweight: The FR2 double flow piston pump offers the same quality and reliability as the heavy-duty FR pump but in a more compact and lightweight design. Its unique flow design delivers optimal hydraulic performance for medium-duty hydraulic systems, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

Ideal for various applications, the FR2 Twin Flow double flow piston pump is suitable for:

  • Mining industry machinery
  • Large truck loadersç
  • Forestry cranes
  • Hook loaders
  • Combined dump and crane applications
  • Garbage collection vehicles
  • Industrial equipment

Choose the Bezares FR2 Twin Flow double flow piston pump and experience unparalleled hydraulic performance that exceeds your expectations. Boost the efficiency of your hydraulic system with the high-performance FR2 Double Flow Piston Pump.

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Pump Size

Displacement (cm3/rev)


Max. selfpriming speed (r.p.m.)


Pressure bar (PSI) max. cont

350 (5076)

Maximum peak pressure (P3) (bar)

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Power kW peak (A+B)


Pump rotation