Bezares acquires a new Salt Fog Chamber

Bezares acquires a new Salt Fog Chamber

Within the Continuous Product Improvement Program (CPIP), we have acquired a new salt spray chamber.

This new equipment, manufactured by Köhler Automobiltechnik, a leading German company in the sector, allows the tests to be carried out manually or programmed and thus simulate, with greater accuracy, all the corrosion parameters on the materials as well as data recording and activity reports.

In this way, the quality controls of corrosion and oxidation of Bezares products will be improved, allowing the early detection of possible problems as well as a better control over the performance of the different treatments and finishes during the development and testing phase.

The most common tests done on this equipment are salt spray tests according to DIN EN 50021, DIN EN ISO 9227 (NSS, ESS or CASS) and condensation tests according to DIN EN 50017, DIN EN ISO 6270-2 (CH, AT or AHT ).

Bezares will continue to advance in its commitment to continuous improvement both in its products and production methods as well as in customer service and after-sales service. Please follow our news at or

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