Bezares Universal Power Take-Off (PTO): Simplicity and Flexibility

Bezares Universal Power Take-Off (PTO): Simplicity and Flexibility

The Bezares Universal Power Take-Off (PTO) system is gaining significant acceptance in the industrial vehicle sector.

  • Flexibility: Designed with versatility in mind, this system easily adapts to a wide range of gearboxes, including those from leading manufacturers such as ZF, Mercedes, and Volvo. By handling the appropriate flange and shaft, the user can benefit from a significant reduction in their inventory, instead of having to manage multiple codes in their warehouse for different gearbox models.
  • Simplicity: A direct PTO; a double gear PTO; a reinforced double gear PTO, and a dual output PTO – the Bezares Universal PTO meets various operational requirements, ensuring there is an option for every need. This adaptability is an advantage for companies, as it simplifies the inventory and logistics process, reducing the risks associated with storing multiple specific models for different gearboxes.

This system marks a step towards efficiency and profitability in the supply chain for the mobile hydraulics industry, proving to be a flexible and reliable solution for trucks, construction machinery, and agricultural equipment.

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