BULL Winch for Pick-up Vehicles to replace BZC Pickup

BULL Winch for Pick-up Vehicles to replace BZC Pickup

Bezares, in its Continuous Product Improvement Program (CPIP), is streamlining its winches products offering.

The first action for a simpler, intuitive winches lineup will be replacing our reduced drum “PickUp” BZC winches by our new BULL Pickup hydraulic winch.

The new model offers many advantages over the well-known BZC such as a reduced mounting space while keeping its 15m of maximum rope capacity.

Some example applications using these models are pick-up vehicles, winches mounted under the platform or auxiliary winches.

This new winch is a reduced and lighter version (less than 30 kg) of our lightweight Bull winch and will be available for 3500 kg maximum pull capacity.

Also offering a wide range of shifting options:

  • With manual clutch
  • With pneumatic clutch
  • With clutch activated by cable
  • Without clutch (for the situations with no direct access to the winch, saving space in the installation).

And soon, the following improvements will be added:

  • New cable tensioner, already mounted on the Mammoth
  • New Heavy Duty Roller Guide

For more information on the new reduced drum “Pickup” Streamlined winches range, contact our Commercial Department.

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