Celebrating 70 Years of Innovation

Celebrating 70 Years of Innovation

Bezares SA, a global player in hydraulic systems and power take-offs, is proud to mark its 70th anniversary.

Founded in 1954, the company has grown from a small workshop in Spain to a multinational presence thanks to a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service.

Over seven decades Bezares has expanded its footprint globally, with manufacturing plants in Spain, Mexico, China, and India, and now serves customers in over 100 countries. This growth is anchored in a dedication to research and development, delivering innovative products that meet evolving market needs.
Bezares’ portfolio of reliable and effective solutions has solidified its reputation in the hydraulics industry.

In celebrating this milestone, Bezares thanks its many customers worldwide and looks forward to a future where innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction continue to be the cornerstones of success.

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