Bezares SA Showcases Innovation at Top 2024 International Trade Fairs: IAA, and NTEA

Bezares SA Showcases Innovation at Top 2024 International Trade Fairs: IAA, and NTEA

This year, Bezares SA is set to mark a significant presence at two of the most renowned international trade fairs, the IAA in Germany and the NTEA Work Truck Show in the United States with EATON. As a global player in the hydraulic manufacturing industry, Bezares SA’s participation at these events highlights its commitment to innovation, quality, and the broadening of international trade relationships.

At the IAA, known for being a pivotal platform for mobility, transport, and logistics, Bezares will unveil its latest hydraulic solutions, promoting a shift towards sustainable and efficient technologies. The NTEA Work Truck Show will see Bezares spotlighting its innovative hydraulic solutions for the commercial vehicle sector, addressing the unique needs of this market.

Each event offers a unique audience and focus: the IAA, taking place in Hannover, Germany from 17 to 22 September 2024 attracts professionals seeking the latest in mobility and logistics; and the NTEA Work Truck Show, taking place in Indiana, USA from March 5 to 8 caters to those in the commercial vehicle industry interested in the newest innovations and partnerships, such as Bezares’ collaboration with EATON.

Bezares SA’s engagement in these fairs not only reinforces its industry leadership but also its commitment to a globally interconnected market driven by innovation and collaboration. Through showcasing its latest products and technologies, Bezares aims to solidify its international standing and adaptability in a dynamically changing industry.

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