FRM hydraulic motors, now available in SAE, DIN and BSP.

FRM hydraulic motors, now available in SAE, DIN and BSP.

The well-known FRM motors from Bezares, during their more than 10 years of existence, have always proven to offer high performance with small dimensions, similar to FR pumps.

And they have never stopped evolving. In their current versions they have incorporated new improvements such as the change of direction of rotation, being bi-directional and offering any possible combination between four sizes from 40cc / rev to 110cc / rev.

The latest development in this family are its new versions in the SAE B Z13 (FRM 40 and 60), SAE BB Z15 (FRM 80 and 110), DIN Z8 and BSP threads, to maximize compatibility.

The MR, FR, FR2and FRMfamilies of pumps and motors will continue to evolve to adapt to the most demanding applications and systems, incorporating the latest technologies and market trends and always maintaining the quality expected from Bezares products.

For more information or other possible configuration options, contact oursales department with the following codes:

SAE B 40 – 9017098
SAE B 60 – 9017198
SAE BB 80 – 9016798
SAE BB 110 – 9017298
ISO Flange (DIN Z8 – BSP Thread) 40 – 9015498
ISO Flange (DIN Z8- BSP Thread) 60 – 9015598
ISO Flange (DIN Z8- BSP Thread) 80 – 9015698
ISO Flange (DIN Z8- BSP Thread) 110 – 9015798

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