Improving Bezares installations for a greener manufacturing

Improving Bezares installations for a greener manufacturing

In its commitment to the environment and to reducing emissions, Bezares has just improved the heating system to get ready for a hard winter with possible gas shortages.

After more than 10 years using heating from renewable sources, Bezares has adapted its thermal system to increase its efficiency, resulting in improved consumption and a significant reduction in system emissions.

This new measure adds to the electric vehicles already in the factory, the use of 100% renewable energy since 2020 and the use of solar energy since 2007.

This improved system, according to the latest tests carried out on the premises (not theoretical), can extract between 87% and 95% of the available energy and generating a figure close to 50% less emissions inside.

This, together with the automatic extraction of waste, the variable speed fans and feeders and the SCADA system represent a great advance in comparison to the previous system and a further step in safety, operation control and maintenance tasks, putting it on par with the most modern and efficient systems on the market. Likewise, this contributes to a general reduction in the use of energy and emissions from the Bezares products manufacturing. Bezares will continue to advance in his measures for a cleaner future, because a green world is a better world.

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