Life Test: PTO 8510 on Eaton Endurant Gearbox

Life Test: PTO 8510 on Eaton Endurant Gearbox

The North American company Eaton has monitored the Bezares 8510 PTO by installing it on a vehicle with an Endurant gearbox, in one of the most demanding applications on the market.

After 12 months of operation on the vehicle and 1643 total hours of work, the Power Take-off has been disassembled in very good general operating conditions and carefully studied, component by component, inspecting for possible damage that may have occurred due to wear, thermal degradation or lack of integrity in the tightness. The results have been the following:

8510 inspection after the tests
  • The Bezares 8510 PTO is a robust model for extreme use applications.
  • Transmission performance has been enhanced by working in conjunction with the 8510 PTO
  • The test carried out has far exceeded the initial minimum of 500 hours of work during 12 months
  • The proven 8510 PTO could continue to work for the next 12 months with minimal preventative maintenance as stated in the user manual

Test conditions:

  • 1200 engine rpm
  • Output speed of the Power Take-off: 2016 r.p.m.
  • Application torque: 262 lb.ft (355 Nm)
  • Power of the application: 104.7 CV

The result has been very positive, exceeding the customer expectations, where other PTO’s from the competition had failed after a few months of work, confirming the quality and durability of Bezares products

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