New PTO for Hino J05E-VC engines

New PTO for Hino J05E-VC engines

We are proud to introduce our new Bezares engine PTO to connect to the Hino J05E-VC engine, which is available with ISO 4-bolts or with flange output.

The Hino J05E-VC engines are mounted on FC9JE1A -BBAHF vehicles from the new Hino 500 Series.

With this new development, we have expanded our range of products for these vehicles, adding to the well-known Bezares PTOs for the LX06 gearboxes, which are fitted with these vehicles.

Engine PTOs have a reduced number of moving parts, offering superior efficiency, durability and reliability during operation, while also allowing the auxiliary hydraulics to work with the vehicle in motion, ideal for applications such as refrigerated trucks. and sweepers. The new PTOs are now available with the codes:

Power Takeoff (PTO)FlangeCompact
Hino J05E-VC Motor70293047029404
LX06S /6.098 Transmission (Gearbox)263802263803
LX06S /6.515 Transmission (Gearbox)263702263703
LX06S /7.818 Transmission (Gearbox)263702263703
LX06S /8.190 Transmission (Gearbox)263702263703
J05E-VC Hino PTO Codes

For more information, please contact our comercial department.

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