New range of reinforced PTO with rotated output

New range of reinforced PTO with rotated output

We are proud to introduce our new line of reinforced power take-off with rotated output, compatible with all the gearboxes for which we offer today 2 pinion power take-offs.

The new PTOs with rotated output offers many advantages over previous models as the possibility of using 3 different ratios, better performance in torque and power and a better position for the hydraulic pump, making it more versatile, powerful and economical.

The 3 ratios allows to reduce stock and simplify the fleets maintenance, its rotated output helps to avoid possible interference with the vehicle during the hydraulic pump’s assembly and also can offer significant savings over previous models, depending on the model.

The new power take-offs are already available for sale in different models of gearboxes from ZF, Volvo, Eaton, Mercedes and others.

For more details, contact our Commercial Department.

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