New test bench for vane pumps and motors

New test bench for vane pumps and motors

We are proud to announce important improvements in the quality control process of for vane pumps and motors, among them, the new test bench, specially designed for production and laboratory tests in which pressures up to 420 bar and flow rates up tp 450 l/min will be achieved.

The new test bench will be equipped with a 202 kW engine and will reach 3000 rpm to satisfy the most demanding tests. A new software will manage in a more efficient way the products’ traceability from the manufacturing and assembly up to the final tests prior to its distribution, allowing to issue personalized quality certificates according to the client’s requirements.

This test bench is part of Bezares’ machinery investment group for the development of its new T7 range of high pressure vane pumps with 320 bar of continuous work maximum pressures.

In addition, when working in parallel with the current test benchs, will reduce the testing times, and consequently, delivery times.

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