Bomba de engranajes bidireccional de alta presión con puertos laterales y traseros que le da amplias posibilidades de montaje. Bidireccionales con puertos laterales y posteriores. Placas de presión en bronce y fundición nodular para altas presiones de trabajo. Caudales desde 11cc hasta 150 cc

In case of doubts during or before assembly, please contact to Bezares After Sales Service

BE Pump Rotation

Both, clock wise and counter clock wise with internal drainage

BE Pump Rotation

Units subjected to axial or radial loads must be fitted on a external coupling
with bearings which support axial and radial loads.

Torque tightness setting for fixing bolts

M10 – 50±5Nm
M12 – 85±5Nm
1/2″ – 85±5Nm

Torque tightness setting for hydraulics fittings

1/2” BSP – 60±5Nm
3/4” BSP – 90±5Nm
1 1/4” BSP – 200±5Nm
1 1/2” BSP – 250±5Nm

The shaft spline of the pump must be lubricated with heat-resistant grease
when the PTO is assembled with a built-in shaft seal. (See example in drawing)

Use exclusive good quality hydraulic oil with anti-foan and anti-wear additives. The specification of the fluid must conform to DIN 51524 / 51525 (type HLP)

Please, use the following guidelines to choose the correct oil grade:

Permissible: 8 – 800 cSt
10 cSt Very cold climate
32 cSt Cold climate
46 cSt Temperate climate
68 cSt Hot climate

Min -15ºC / Max 80ºC
Cold Start: -25ºC to -15ºC

Clockwise rotation

Counter Clockwise rotation


Suction line: Not recommended
Return line: 10 to 25 µm

A contamination level according to ISO 4406 is recommended to maintain in the filtration system.

Encuentre y elimine la fuente del problema (desgaste excesivo trabajando normalmente, aceite sucio, carga aplicada al eje de la bomba, condiciones de trabajo no contempladas).

BE Troubleshoot table

wdt_ID Source of trouble No fluid delivery Insufficient pressure and / or volumetric flow Strong or adnormal noise Foaming in hydraulic tank Fluid leakage at drive shaft Fluid temperature too high
1Insufficient fluid levelXXX
2Low input pressureXX
3Suction line leakyXXXX
4Faulty shaft seal ringXX
5Gear pump faultyXXX
6Coupling faultyXX
7Wrong direction of rotationX
8Relief valve incorrectly setXX
10Piping faulty, wrong control positionX
11Operating conditions (Fluid Temp, viscosity, pressure duration of load) and / or input power not in complianceXX
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